Baan Thankham School in Petchabun was filled with ….

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Baan Thankham School in Petchabun was filled with excitement when the Chon Dan thinkSMALL team performed a GOSPEL DRUG FREE show for over 350 people.  This team was great!

Kids were amazed by TJ the Drug Free Tiger, and loved the clowns and fun, educational activities.

Children were invited to follow Jesus, and 150 students prayed and gave their hearts to Him.  Praise God!

After the show, 300 students signed a PLEDGE to stay away from drugs and each received an “I Say NO to Drugs!!” wristband to wear to school.  The school also put up a banner, “This is a DRUG FREE School!”

An American team of thinkSMALL partners came to give testimonies and take part in the outreach.  They were delighted to meet so many smart and friendly students!

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