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thinkSMALL SHOWS: Gospel, Christmas and Drug Prevention!

Gospel Shows

This is a great way to increase the number of children in your church! We will come to train your team how to do fun children’s Gospel shows (we have 3 different Shows) in churches, parks, schools, villages, or anywhere!  We will train your church team  how to evangelize and disciple children to follow Jesus! 

Kids Quest express

Here Is How It Works :

Step 1…Call us!

Ask us questions! We can schedule training for you!


Step 2….Training!

We will come to your church and train your team to do a Gospel show including an Altar call with salvation prayer, how to do a fun thinkSMALL Cinema 3 to5 week follow-up program to get kids into church, and how to disciple kids with our thinkSMALL children’s curriculum!  (We will bring a kit with costumes, props and everything you need for a thinkSMALL Gospel show)!

KidsQuest Thailand Training   KidsQuest Thailand Training


Step 3…Gospel Show with Altar Call!

Your team will do a Gospel Show for the children of your community! The show can be anywhere in your community (parks, schools or your church)!

There will be an Altar Call where children will have the opportunity to pray to receive Jesus into their hearts as Lord and Savior.


Step 4: Follow-up!

We train you how to follow-up with children for 3 to 5 weeks using our exciting thinkSMALL Cinema party program.  Kids love to watch the pixar-quality Superbook movies about Bible stories with a modern touch.  They love the games, activities, questions and prizes too! 


Step 5: Discipleship!

We train you how to use our 2 year children’s curriculum! It is written for the teacher and walks a child into a deep relationship with Jesus! Fun games, exciting lessons in an easy to follow system!

Kids Quest Express



Thailand news did a news story on thinkSMALL Drug Prevention.  Go to:

thinkSMALL Drug Prevention

To lower drug use, we must reach children BEFORE they begin using drugs. Children make decisions based primarily on emotion (peer pressure). To fight this temptation we must first reach the child’s emotions, and next, impact their thinking with effective knowledge.

We will train your church to do a fun,  1 hour Drug Prevention entertainment show using activities, clowns, and TJ the Drug Free Tiger.  This show is suitable to do in public schools, malls, villages and churches and more. 

After the Show, children voluntarily sign a pledge to never take illegal drugs, AND they can receive an “I Say NO 2 Drugs” wristband to wear to remind them of their committment.

An entertaining and informative 1 year Drug Prevention Curriculum is available for schools.


Be Wise!!   Be Strong!!   Be Free!!

KidsQuest Thailand Drugfree Show


thinkSMALL Christmas Show

thinkSMALL Christmas has been performed in malls, orphanages, churches and slums ! thinkSMALL Christmas is a great Show for your church or organization to help all people learn about the miracle of the birth of Jesus! thinkSMALL Christmas includes Koko and Jeejee the clowns, interactive games, the Nativity drama and an opportunity for people to give their hearts to Christ after the show. Christmas time is the BEST time to share the story of how God sent His Son to save the World !! So make sure to reserve your training and kit early !!

Kids Quest Christmas Show