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thinkSMALL Drug Free Shows

KidsQuest Thailand DrugFree Show


thinkSMALL Drug Free “Prevention” Program

To lower drug use, we must reach children BEFORE they begin using drugs. Children make decisions based primarily on ‘emotion’ (peer pressure). To fight this temptation we must first reach the child’s emotion, and (next) impact their thinking with effective knowledge.

Drug Free is a 1 hour Drug Prevention entertainment show, filled with drug information performed by a Drug Free team in malls and schools.

After the shows kids can get a Drug Free comic and “I say NO” wristband. An entertaining and informative Drug Free Curriculum is available for schools.

Be Wise!!   Be Strong!!    Be Free!!

Kids Quest Drug Free Show


Drug Free GOSPEL Version!!

If the school allows, we can train you to do the Drug Free GOSPEL show! Children will experience the regular Drug Free show BUT also
learn how Jesus can give them the power to resist drugs! It is the first step to discipling children in Christ.

KidsQuest Thailand Drugfree Show