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What is thinkSMALL?


thinkSMALL is a Christian organization dedicated to transforming nations through children.


Our Mission Statement is: Making NEW Young Followers of Jesus to Transform Nations!”


We provide fun training and materials to LOCAL church teams and mobilize them to reach children with the Gospel and with Child Protection outreaches against trafficking, abuse and drugs.


By developing a new generation of Christ-followers, nations can be transformed for God!


In Southeast Asia from 2007 to 2017 over 130,000 children have made decisions to follow Jesus and over 81% have entered discipleship through thinkSMALL outreaches.


Many more children have been reached through thinkSMALL Child Protection outreaches, including prevention Child Empowerment programs to fight trafficking, abuse and drugs.


Currently, we offer training to local churches in:

  • Child Protection against Trafficking and Abuse-we offer a series of Biblically-based workshops for the local church. Then we train your church to assist with “Gospel Child Empowerment Outreaches to Fight Trafficking and Abuse”.  These outreaches can be done in public schools, villages, churches, or anywhere there are children!

  • Gospel Drug Prevention Shows–designed to be performed in schools or communities. This fun show features a friendly Tiger, clowns, games and more to help children “Say No 2 Drugs!” 

  • Drug Prevention Curricula— for children and teens.

  • Gospel Shows for children–local churches learn to perform fun Shows with clowns, object lessons, drama, illusions and more to teach children about God and give them a chance to ask Jesus into their lives.

  • Christmas Shows–local church teams learn to perform a Christmas Show for children in your church, community or school–includes clowns, drama, games and activities

  • thinkSMALL Cinema–a fun follow-up program using high-quality animated movies to help churches get into discipleship

  • Discipleship Curriculum for children–we offer 3 different children’s curricula in Thai and other languages

  • Sunday School Teacher Training for beginners or experienced teachers.



thinkSMALL Foundation is registered in Thailand as a non-profit foundation for the public welfare.


For more details https://www.facebook.com/search/str/thinksmall+gospel/keywords_topand photos of recent outreaches, please visit our Facebook page: 


4 Step Process



KidsQuest Thailand Training Section

We train YOUR church to evangelize, disciple and protect children!  We train your church team in Child Protection and help you create a Child Protection Policy using our Biblically designed template.  Then we train your church to do various types of outreaches for children. 


KidsQuest Thailand Gospel Show  KidsQuest Thailand outreach  KidsQuest Thailand outreach


Your local church team helps perform fun outreaches to help children enter into a relationship with Jesus.  Outreaches include: Gospel Child Empowerment to Fight Trafficking and Abuse! This outreach uses Activities, Games, Video, Power Point, etc.  We also can train your team to do fun Gospel, Drug Prevention, and Christmas shows using clowns and



KidsQuest Thailand DISCIPLESHIP

After each outreach, your church can host thinkSMALL Cinema!  This fun follow-up uses the new Superbook movies with links to the Gospel, fun games, activities, questions and prizes!  Children love to come to thinkSMALL Cinema and often bring their friends and families. 



4. DISCIPLESHIP and Sunday School Teacher Training!

KidsQuest Train the Trainer .

We train YOUR team how to use our 2 Year Discipleship Curriculum to help children walk with Jesus throughout their lives!  We also offer Sunday School Teachers training for teachers with or without experience.